Orthopedic Surgeon Thomas Marks, M.D., Presents “The Benefits of Total Knee Replacement”

Parkland Medical Center
October 26, 2015

Women’s educational health event co-sponsored by Parkland Medical Center, Derry Medical Center and Derry Imaging at Overlook Medical Park

Colorectal Surgeon Amila Husic, M.D., Presents “Keeping Your Colon Healthy”

Women’s Services Physician Thomas Zarka, M.D., Presents “Hysterectomy—Know Your Options”

Orthopaedic Surgeon Vladimir Sinkov, M.D., Presents “Chronic Low Back Pain & Lumbar Spinal Fusion”

Liyan Zhuang, M.D., Ph.D. Presents “When Cancer Needs No Treatment: Changes in Prostate Cancer Care”