Our Commitment to Patient Safety

Patient safety is a top priority at Parkland Medical Center. We continually work to ensure the highest level of patient safety in all we do—using best practices, improved technology and increased patient involvement in their healthcare. We ask you to partner with us in our S.A.F.E.C.A.R.E. pledge to you.

S.A.F.E.C.A.R.E. Pledge

S = Scan

We will ask for your name and birth date, check your patient ID band and/or scan your band before giving you medication or performing any invasive procedure, such as drawing blood.

A = Ask

We will ask about your level of pain. Your response is important to us. Using a pain scale, we will teach you how to accurately report your pain level to us so we can help manage your pain.

F = Focus

We will focus on your safety by calling a “time out” before we begin any type of procedure or surgery. This ensures that you are the right patient, we are doing the right procedure, and we have the right people and the right equipment available.

E = Explain

We will explain equipment that may be used for you during your stay. If we should forget to explain how something works, or why a piece of equipment is being used, please ask us.

C = Clean

We will use soap and water or alcohol-based hand cleaner before touching you to prevent the spread of infection. If you do not see us do this, please remind us.

A = Assess

We will assess your level of risk for falls and skin breakdown. If we think you may be at risk for either, we will work out a plan to keep you safe.

R = Remember

We will always remember that it is our privilege to take care of you and your family.

E = Encourage

We encourage you and your family members to report anything you see or experience that you feel is unsafe.

Rapid Response Team

While your nurse and doctor are always available to assist you or your loved one, we also want to be sure you know about our Rapid Response Team. This specialized team of nurses and respiratory therapists is available to respond to your bedside if you or your family members become worried about your condition and feel immediate attention is required. Simply dial 111 from your bedside phone and ask the Parkland operator for the Rapid Response Team. You can also ask your nurse to call the team.

Infection Prevention

Infection prevention is a serious challenge facing healthcare organizations around the world. Parkland Medical Center and our parent company HCA have made this challenge a top priority with ongoing initiatives to protect you from infections during you hospital stay, including:

  • Our corporate infection prevention programs – Demonstrate our commitment to your health and safety
  • Clean Hands Campaign – Remind all patients, visitors, caregivers and staff that hand hygiene is the simplest, most effective method for preventing the spread of infection in a hospital
  • Isolation precautions – Take special measures for patients with illnesses that may be contagious to others

Other Patient Safety Initiatives

  • Alert wristbands – We use color-coded wristbands, in addition to your identification bracelet, for specific medical alerts to staff about special circumstances, such as blood bank cautions and allergy alerts.
  • Yellow socks – Patients who’ve been identified at risk of falling are asked to wear a yellow wristband and yellow socks to help remind us to use extra care in preventing falls.

These color alerts help our staff know at a glance how to protect you; however, you have a right to refuse to wear them if you wish.


To ensure the security of patients, visitors and staff, Parkland Medical Center’s Security Department patrols the hospital and grounds 24/7. Our security systems allow for an immediate response from the Security Department to specific areas of the hospital when needed. Public areas of the hospital are equipped with video cameras, monitored by hospital staff, to further ensure your security.

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