Pediatric Asthma Care & Training (P.A.C.T)

You can rely on the P.A.C.T. program at Parkland Medical Center for comprehensive resources for your pediatric asthma patients and their families. Through innovative outpatient education and expert inpatient care, our pulmonary and pediatric specialists support your practice with individualized solutions for asthma management.

Our program has been designed by our pediatric clinical coordinator and our certified asthma educator/pediatric nurse to help children and their families live well with asthma, make informed healthcare decisions and reduce the risk of future attacks or possible lung disease.

Diagnosing Asthma in Children

Making a formal asthma diagnosis in a child can be tricky. Key indicators include wheezing, history of recurrent chest tightness, difficulty breathing, nighttime coughing, or the development of symptoms when in the presence of a potential trigger. If a child’s diagnosis is not clear cut, additional testing will be used to confirm the diagnosis.

Referring a Patient

Call (603) 421-2387 to refer your patient to Make a Pact with Parkland.

Individualized Outpatient Consultation

Once you’ve made the referral, our P.A.C.T. team will contact the family to schedule a consultation. During the appointment, the child’s respiratory system and breathing will be thoroughly assessed. Our asthma educator will provide guidance and answer questions about:

  • What causes asthma attacks
  • How to reduce triggers
  • How to monitor for changes in peak flow
  • Correct use of inhalers, nebulizers and medication
  • How to read an asthma action plan
  • What to do in an emergency

The family will receive educational materials to take home and be encouraged to call our asthma educator with any concerns that arise. The asthma educator will communicate any findings and further recommendations to you.

Inpatient P.A.C.T. Program

Children admitted to the Parkland Pediatric Unit for asthma flare-ups benefit from immediate medical care consistent with the guidelines set forth by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Expert Panel Report 3 for Asthma Management. During the patient’s stay, the child and family will also receive comprehensive education at the bedside. All patients are discharged with asthma action plans (a copy of which will be provided to you), and follow-up appointments will be scheduled to ensure compliance with the Joint Commission core measures.

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Our Commitment to Quality

At Parkland Medical Center, we’re committed to providing our patients with safe, high quality healthcare. Learn more about our quality measures so you can refer patients with confidence.