Our experienced orthopedic surgeons at Parkland Medical Center are widely recognized for excellence and innovation in surgical care and continually seek new, better and less invasive ways to repair bones and joints. We offer comprehensive medical and surgical services for musculoskeletal injuries in adults of all ages throughout Southern New Hampshire.

Orthopedic & Spine Surgical Specialties

When surgery is the best treatment option for your bone, joint or spine concern, you can rely on our board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons and accomplished orthopedic team to provide the highest level of evidence-based surgical care and rehabilitation. At Parkland, you’ll find the same skill, experience and quality you’d enjoy at a large academic medical center, but we’re right nearby. Our surgical specialties and minimally invasive options include:

  • Direct anterior hip replacement – Uses smaller incisions and muscle-sparing techniques in a minimally invasive procedure; our ARCH Table Extension™ offers greater precision, accuracy and stability during the operation, which translates into quicker recovery and better outcomes for you
  • Arthroscopic reconstruction and repair – Removes or repairs torn tissue or cartilage from the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle or elbow; realigns or reconstructs ligaments and bones
  • Joint replacement – Uses an artificial joint made of metal and plastic to replace the worn joint in a total or partial procedure for the hip, knee, elbow, wrist or shoulder
  • Microsurgery – Repairs delicate arteries, veins, nerves and ligaments and treats complex problems in hands and arms
  • Hip resurfacing – Removes much less bone than a total hip procedure by capping the femur and placing a matching receptacle in the pelvic socket
  • Cervical or spinal fusion – Connects two vertebrae in the neck or spine to treat injury, persistent pain or an unstable spine
  • Kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty – Repairs spinal fractures or collapsed vertebrae

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Advancements to Quickly Get You Up & Moving

At Parkland Medical Center, advances in orthopedic surgical techniques, anesthesia delivery and pain management—combined with our skills and experience in a broad range of procedures—mean you recover faster and get moving again as quickly as possible. In fact, you’re more likely to go directly home from our hospital after discharge rather than spend additional days or weeks at a specialized inpatient rehab facility.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Take advantage of Parkland’s outpatient rehabilitation services to speed your recovery and regain function following orthopedic or spine-related injury, damage, tumor or surgery. Our compassionate clinicians, nurses and therapists deliver the expert care you need—and we receive high marks from satisfied patients for our comprehensive pain management program through Parkland’s Interventional Spine and Pain Clinic.

Explore the full range of orthopedic and spine conditions we treat at Parkland Medical Center and meet our team for orthopedic and spine care.

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