We have been more deliberate and consistent in our recent efforts to share accreditations earned at Parkland Medical Center. It’s natural to be impressed by the highly decorated military officer or the clinician with numerous degrees and certifications behind their name. Those medals, diplomas, and certificates are displayed with pride because their owners deserve the honor of recognition. And while such ‘merit badges’ instill confidence and trust in those viewing them the value of the journey in many ways exceeds what is ultimately displayed to the public. We enthusiastically celebrate and share the honor of accreditation or certification because we take great pride in what it reflects to our employees, physicians, and the community. But, perhaps more importantly, the process itself brings teams together within the hospital and pushes us to collaborate with community organizations or learn best practices from colleagues in the industry.

Just the other day we shared a press release on the latest accreditation of our Cardiac Echo lab by the IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission). This re-accreditation adds to our long list of achievements and the Parkland Center for Cardiology exemplifies a team who appreciates the value of the journey. I talked with Lisa Lang, MBA, MS APRN – Manager of Cardiology Services about her perspective on this subject. For instance, with regard to Chest Pain Certification, Lisa emphasizes the enhanced relationships we have enjoyed with external partners such as EMS gained through the certification process. She says achieving Chest Pain Certification “means that Parkland Medical Center is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality care through alignment with national accepted practice guidelines.”

Here’s what some others in Cardiology services had to say about what their accreditations mean to them:

Chris Bristol with the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) Certificate

“Being re-accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) and having state-of-the-art cardiac ultrasound machines show that Parkland continues to be dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our cardiac patients.”
Chris Bristol, BS, RDCS, RVS
Clinical Coordinator Echocardiography Lab

From Left: Deb Poggi, RN; Lynn Galvin, RN; and Jeanne Fullerton, RN, with the AACVPR Certification in Cardiac Rehab

“Obtaining AACVPR certification in Cardiac Rehab allows us to provide the most up-to-date, quality care for our patients as well as improving program performance in meeting the guidelines for secondary prevention of heart and vascular disease.”
Jeanne Fullerton, RN RCEP
Clinical Coordinator Cardiac Rehab

From Left: Dr. Andrew Cohen, Dr. James Flynn, and Lisa Lang, RN with the Healthgrades Excellence Award for Coronary Intervention

“The various accreditations that Parkland Medical Center has achieved validate the excellent work and quality care the staff provides. I’m proud of the excellent work that has been done.”
Andrew Cohen, MD FACC
Medical Director of Cardiology Services

These certifications and accreditations take many hours of work beyond normal daily duties but are well worth the effort because the process results in more educated, better prepared teams working collaboratively to deliver the latest evidence based care. In the end — whether we show these accreditations or certifications to anyone — our patients ultimately win because of what our caregivers have learned along the way...and that’s what truly matters most.