Parkland Medical Center - October 25, 2017
by Jeff Scionti, CEO, Parkland Medical Center

I recently had the distinct pleasure to help facilitate and attend our annual employee Service Awards. This award has a special meaning for me having received my 30 year anniversary award last year on the day of my announcement as the CEO of Parkland Medical Center. In search of fitting opening remarks for the event, I decided to focus on the definition of SERVICE, which is “the action of helping or doing work for someone.”

That connection of service made perfect sense as we celebrated and recognized 78 dedicated employees who work together on behalf of our patients, physicians, and community. Our 78 employees recognized for the award represent over 1,000 years of service with a remarkable six employees having 30 years of service, and one staff member having 35 years of service. This was truly a special recognition for all involved as I have had the honor to work with many of these individuals and understand their commitment to our patients.

As a hospital, our total years of service amount to an astounding 4,635 years. In thinking about this, I wondered what was happening 4,635 years ago or in 2617 BC. Interestingly enough, 2617 BC was the year the Egyptian pharaohs ordered the construction of the pyramids, which is thought to be the greatest example of human creativity and ability. How appropriate that turns out to be as our employees being celebrated represent that same human creativity and ability.

Commitment to our Patients and the Community

Parkland’s employee service awards not only recognize length of service, but also the passion, endurance, and dedication of our employees. Our Service Awards symbolize the time given to help pursue those values and principles, and acknowledge our employees’ contributions in making Parkland Medical Center a source of pride in the community, and for the rest of the employees who have the privilege to work here.

As a member of the Parkland Medical Center family, please join me in thanking all of our employees for their years of dedicated service and maintaining our standards of care and values. Their talents and efforts have helped us achieve excellence in many areas through our ICARE values which are Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Empathy. These are the reasons why I enjoy coming to work every day and why I am so proud to be part of an organization that provides high quality, compassionate care, and strives to provide each patient with the perfect patient experience.