By now you have seen the many ICARE ‘ballot boxes’ located throughout the hospital and at our off-campus locations in Salem and Derry. This program has been in the works for many months and was developed in response to our need for more formal recognition opportunities throughout the year. I just read comments this week from our employee engagement survey indicating a desire for additional recognition beyond the annual awards we present each year and this new ICARE award provides that opportunity.

Recognition can come from anyone (colleagues, patients, visitors, providers, etc.) and we were thrilled with the number of nominations in our 1st month. It was difficult to select just one but we’re happy to announce that our first Parkland Medical Center ICARE award winner is Sabrina Graichen, a registrar in the ER. Her nomination came from a patient and family member who had several recent visits to our Emergency Department and indicated that Sabrina “was very kind, patient, enthusiastic, compassionate and respectful.” The patient’s sister adds that “she also made it a point upon asking to be let in to see my family member to nicely ask how many people we had with us since we had a big group, but she did so respectfully, she does her job well!!”

We surprised Sabrina tonight with a presentation of her award(s) which include the ICARE pin as well as a special set of glasses (both only available to ICARE winners). She and her colleagues will also enjoy a healthy treat this evening.

Sabrina Graichen (center) receives her I-CARE award recognition along with Maureen Scarfo, Director of Patient Access (left) and Jacob Wiesmann, CFO (right)

Congratulations again to Sabrina and to everyone who received recognition through the new ICARE program. We will be collecting forms each month and sending them back to the respective departments of those who were nominated so they can be shared. One winner will be selected each month and we look forward to future surprise ceremonies. Please keep the nominations coming. This is another great way to recognize our employees for the exceptional service they provide each day.