Parkland Medical Center - April 17, 2017
by Eileen Keefe, Chief Nursing Officer – Parkland Medical Center

Over the past several years, Parkland has focused on a cultural transformation to create an exceptional experience for our patients. Our goal is to build a culture that engages patients and families as critical partners in their health and their care experience. We have made significant changes to drive this transformation, but are always looking for new, innovative ways to help ensure we are meeting our patient’s goals for quality and patient experience.

As part of this journey and to guide us in delivering an exceptional patient experience, we created a vision of “The Perfect Patient Experience” by adopting ICARE values:

Integrity: Be honest and do what you say

Compassion: Be sympathetic to the needs of others

Accountability: Take ownership for how actions affect outcomes

Respect: Value others and embrace diversity

Excellence: Take personal pride in exceeding expectations

Enhancing our culture of caring

When it comes to providing the best care possible for our patients, we aspire to perfection. Our staff are highly engaged, enthusiastic, involved and committed. Parkland measures success not just by quantitative survey results, but also by qualitative feedback we receive from patients and families through different channels including phone calls, rounding, letters and social media. While we quite frequently receive positive feedback from patients about staff members and the quality of care they received while at Parkland, we also sometimes receive feedback that indicates we didn’t do something right and improvement is needed. These are moments and opportunities for us as an organization to learn and grow. We truly value feedback from our patients and invite them to come back to share their experience and to let us know what we could have done differently to address their concerns. p;Here are some recent comments from patients that indicate what we are doing well and what we can improve upon:

“Overall, I received excellent care. They kept me informed on what they were finding out as we went along.”

“Very friendly, caring and professional staff. They did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable and reducing my anxiety. “

"What can I expect for my next visit? Nothing was mentioned to me.”

“Communication could have been better between the patient, the doctor and the nurses.”

Your voice matters

As you can see with the comments above, there is an opportunity for Parkland to become more consistent Parkland’s goal is to ensure we are capturing and incorporating feedback from our patients. You are at the heart of why we are here and ultimately, your feedback is what helps guide us to making important changes to enhance the patient experience. For example, our Patient Family and Advisory Committee (PFAC) consists of patients who have encountered care at Parkland and meet monthly with Parkland quality leaders to bring new thoughts, ideas and recommendations that can be implemented to improve the patient experience. ; We highly value these conversations and truly appreciate their willingness to work with us on behalf of themselves, their family members and our patients.

We strive to provide the perfect patient experience, and are always interested in hearing from patients and their families about how we can improve experiences. Our quest for the perfect patient experience is a journey and we are committed to continuous progress along the way. If you have any thoughts or would like to share feedback, please contact me directly at