Parkland Medical Center - December 03, 2018

Tis the season for... danger? In all the excitement of the holidays, we might not see the hazards in popular holiday gifts. In fact, a quick glance at the top 10 toys of this season included items that are known dangers. Check your list twice for risky items and age-appropriateness before buying.

1. Hover boards

The motorized boards look easy and fun – I just stand on it! - but they take balance and practice for safe use. Because they are often used indoors without protective equipment or helmets, wrist-fractures and concussions from falling forward or back are common.

2. Magnets

Any magnet small enough to fit in the mouth of a toddler is a no. Even for adults, games, jewelry, and crafts that contain small magnets can pose a big risk. Accidentally swallowing a magnet is an automatic trip to the ER.

3. Batteries

Like magnets, the batteries that come with many electronic gifts are small, shiny, and undeniably appealing. If swallowed, batteries can get caught in the throat or in the stomach lining. Because batteries are chemically caustic, they can erode through tissue or blood vessels. Any swallowed battery needs to be removed by a medical professional as quickly as possible.

4. Trampolines

Outdoor trampolines have long been known for their risks, but the popularity of indoor trampoline parks and bouncy houses have caused a spike in broken bones, head injuries, and abdominal trauma. Children don’t understand the danger of bumping into each other, and indoor use vastly increases the risk that a child can fall onto a hard/sharp object nearby.

5. Toy guns

Toy guns and plastic swords regularly make it onto America's worst toys list by WATCH, World Against Toys Causing Harm, because of the risk of blunt-force trauma and the violent games they encourage. Even soft darts can be a danger to eyes.

Risky gifts can sometimes be the most popular requests for kids. If you choose to get one of these, make sure you monitor play more closely.

It’s not fun to think about accidents and illnesses, but knowing where to go in an emergency is important. Our expert emergency departments are ready with advanced care 24 hours a day.

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