Breast center in southern New Hampshire

Breast cancer affects one in eight women in their lifetime. The two most common risk factors for breast cancer are age and being a woman.

Health screenings are one of the most important ways to safeguard your health. Parkland Medical Center and Salem Radiology, a department of Parkland Medical Center, offer a range of breast health services, including breast imaging diagnostics and laboratory testing, makes it easy to monitor your health.

Important information

Temporary relocation of services for a clinic:

Clinic Location Update: Please note the Comprehensive Breast Health Center has temporarily relocated to the Nutfield Medical Office Building, 44 Birch Street, Suite #300, Derry, NH. For appointments, scheduling or referrals, please call (603) 421-2156. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time."

For more information about our breast services, please call (603) 421-2156. To schedule your mammogram, please call (603) 421-2458.

Nationally accredited breast center in Derry, NH

As part of our ongoing commitment to early detection using advanced diagnostic tools, we were leaders in bringing the Hologic® Selenia™ digital mammography system to southern New Hampshire.

Our digital mammography technique uses a computer-aided system to review images and double-check your results. In addition, our full-field mammography equipment provides more complete and more accurate imagery with less discomfort for women with larger breasts.

Our staff includes mammographers who are:

Breast imaging services

The key to effective, thorough treatment is early detection. At Parkland, we use the latest imaging and diagnostic tools to identify and treat breast conditions as soon as you are diagnosed.

Breast biopsy

Breast biopsies are highly accurate, minimally invasive procedures used to locate abnormalities and remove tissue for examination. Further analysis will reveal whether cancer is present. Biopsies are often used to identify small irregularities that are difficult to locate by hand.

Throughout the biopsy process, you’ll have access to our nationally certified nurse navigators to answer any questions you have.

Digital mammography

A mammogram is the best way to find breast cancer early. We use digital mammography methods, including tomosynthesis—an advanced imaging technology that combines 2D and 3D scans.

Digital mammograms offer several advantages over traditional mammograms, including:

  • Quicker exams with real-time images that can be displayed in seconds
  • Better image quality
  • Improved imagery near the skin line and chest wall
  • The ability for physicians to adjust images with our computer-aided diagnosis system for better views
  • The capacity to share images instantly with a consulting physician

Our on-site, board-certified radiologists—specialists in breast imaging—analyze the images and report the results to your physician. Results are usually available the same day as your procedure. When a mammogram detects abnormal tissue, we offer multiple options for breast imaging and biopsy.

Schedule a mammogram

You can schedule your mammogram online or by calling our scheduling department at (603) 421-2458. When scheduling your mammogram, tell us about:

  • Previous mammograms taken at other facilities so we can consolidate your records
  • Whether you’re nursing or think you might be pregnant
  • Any breast implants
  • Any recent breast surgeries or biopsies

Breast care nurse navigator

Breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment can be an overwhelming experience. If there’s an indication of cancer, we’ll connect you with a breast care nurse navigator. Your breast care nurse navigator can answer any questions you have, make appointments on your behalf and coordinate care with our other women’s care services as needed.