Getting your recommended screenings is one of the most important ways to take care of your health. At Parkland Medical Center, we make this easy and comfortable with a range of breast health specialists, services, convenient locations and hours.

Comprehensive Breast Health Care

At Parkland, you have access to a full range of breast health services, including the Lahey Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Parkland Medical Center. The Center offers comprehensive breast care to the greater Derry community. Staffed by skilled breast care specialists, the Center supports you in all aspects of breast health and care. From early detection and genetic risk assessment to breast cancer treatments and recovery, we’re here to serve all your breast health needs.

For more information on breast health services available at the Lahey Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Parkland Medical Center, call (603) 421-2156.

Digital Mammography

A screening mammography is the best way to find breast cancer early—and the earlier it’s diagnosed, the more likely it can be treated effectively. We offer digital mammography, including tomosynthesis—an advanced imaging technology that combines the advantages of digital mammography with a 3-D perspective—to identify any potential issues that will require further study. Our board-certified radiologists (physicians who interpret images) analyze all of our scans and, with this technology, can improve detection of early cancers by as much as 20 percent. Digital images can be viewed immediately and transferred quickly to your physician’s office.

Breast Ultrasound and MRI

If potential abnormalities are detected during a mammogram, you may have a breast ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Ultrasound, also called sonography, is a method of viewing tissues using high-frequency sound waves. The results of ultrasound screening are usually available the same day. Breast MRI uses magnetic fields to create two- and three-dimensional pictures of tissue, providing a more in-depth look if needed.

Breast Biopsy

If further testing is needed, your doctor may order a breast biopsy, where cells are drawn from tissue and analyzed in a lab. At Parkland, you’ll benefit from advanced techniques, including minimally invasive breast biopsy procedures that result in minimal scarring and involve less pain and time.

We’re Here for You

Breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment can be an overwhelming experience. Our team of highly skilled breast care experts makes your comfort, confidence and well-being a priority. We’ll answer your questions and provide quick and accurate results.

Should screening results indicate cancer, our specially trained breast care nurse navigator will accompany you through every stage of diagnosis and treatment. She’ll provide education and support for you and your family, make appointments and coordinate care with other hospital departments, as needed. You’ll also benefit from the friendship and resources provided by our breast cancer support group and other healing strategies, such as poetry workshops, massage therapy and Reiki.