Parkland Medical Center - January 01, 2018

It seems like it should be easy

Find just 20 minutes for moderate-to-intense aerobic exercise. But somehow the best of intentions always gets derailed. Fortunately, you don’t need to find an hour in the gym every day to get in some fitness work. Here are seven easy ways to sneak some fitness into your busy life.

The endless commute

Use your car time to squeeze, then relax each major muscle group, starting with facial muscles and moving down. Then repeat as you move back up.

A thousand things to do

Run your errands. Literally. Park far from the door and speed-walk or lightly jog to and from each of your errands.

Meeting on the move

Why hold a meeting in chairs around a table? Instead try a meeting on the move, walking inside or out, while you discuss matters with your associates.

Backing away from the technology

Walk to see a neighbor or coworker instead of emailing or calling. During breaks, instead of scrolling through Facebook, reenergize with big arm circles and stretches.


Stuck on a long phone call? Reach for your headset and hand weights during calls. Lots of reps at low weight are great for toning.

The working lunch

If you can grab a couple of minutes for yourself, try some stretches, a set of squats, lunges, shoulder rolls, wall sits, or planking. You can even try pushups against a counter or desk.

Just say no to elevators

Take the stairs instead. Lengthen your stride between rooms to burn a few extra calories. And try high stepping up escalators or stairs for a slightly stronger workout on the go.