Pediatrics in Derry, New Hampshire

When it comes to your child’s health, receiving the best possible medical care is essential.

To find a pediatric specialist or schedule an appointment, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team, available 24/7, at (877) 642-2362.

Family-centered pediatric care

Your child is the center of our pediatric services, but we consider the well-being of your entire family as we provide care. Our doctors, nurses, therapists and other specialists will communicate with you every day, sharing all test results and treatment plans and giving you all other information needed to make the best decisions possible for your child.

We also understand how important it is that you stay with your child as much as possible, whether you’re only in the hospital for a few minutes or are staying for inpatient care. We provide overnight sleeping arrangements and complimentary meals to help parents with this aspect of pediatric care.

When it’s time to return home, we’ll let you know exactly what care your child needs at home and how you can safely and effectively provide it. This may include:

  • Bathing
  • Changing wound dressings
  • Using medical devices
  • Administering medications

Preparing for your child’s hospital stay

As a parent or guardian, you can start preparing your child for an inpatient stay by explaining what to expect at the hospital. These are a few important points for parents to cover:

  • Let your child know you’ll be with them whenever possible and that they’ll always be cared for by a responsible adult, such as a nurse or doctor.
  • Encourage your child to ask you and the medical team questions.
  • Explain that the team will be asking your child questions, too.
  • Remind your child that the hospital will have games, books and videos.
  • Share other pertinent information, such as when your child is coming home.

Next, you’ll want to pack for your hospital visit. Remember to bring your patient history form, if you received one in the mail. A healthcare provider can help you complete the form at the hospital if you have any questions.

These are the personal items you’ll need to bring for your child:

  • Comfort items, such as your child’s favorite blanket, pillow, stuffed animals, portable gaming systems and personal electronics
  • A bathrobe, slippers or socks
  • Personal toiletries, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo
  • A list of your child’s current medications and immunization record

Taking your child home from the hospital

Before leaving, the hospital staff will explain how to care for your child at home during recovery and help you obtain any additional services or equipment you need.