Parkland Medical Center provides comprehensive testing and imaging services available to patients and physicians throughout Southern New Hampshire. You’ll enjoy full-service inpatient and outpatients diagnostic imaging needs at Parkland Medical Center with outpatient imaging through Salem Radiology with convenient, customized and comfortable care, as well as same-day or next-day availability for many procedures. A doctor’s referral is needed for most tests and imaging procedures.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing & Imaging

The board-certified, specialty-trained physicians and radiologists at Parkland Medical Center diagnose and treat a broad range of health conditions with innovative imaging technology, including 1.5 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), 64-slice computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) imaging and PET/CT, ultrasound, smartphone-based EKG, endoscopy and digital mammography. Using advanced tools—along with interventional radiology procedures—we diagnose and treat your condition for optimal results that often help avoid the need for surgery.

At Parkland, you can count on fast turnaround and the highest level of professional, personalized service. Our diagnostic specialists hold advanced certifications in specialty imaging areas of MRI, CT, nuclear medicine and ultrasound.

In addition, our hospital-wide Radiation Right safety program, where we adhere to nationally approved safety protocols that prevent accidental or excessive exposure, ensures you receive the lowest effective dose of radiation.

Extensive Diagnostic Resources for Southern New Hampshire

Tests and imaging procedures available at Parkland Medical Center and Salem Radiology include:

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Locations Offering Tests & Imaging Services

Hours of operation vary by location. Walk-in service for general radiology procedures and 24/7 laboratory services are available at Parkland Medical Center.