Parkland Medical Center was proud and honored to host an Evening of Honors Medical Staff event at the Artisan at Tuscan Village in Salem, New Hampshire.  Please see our list of award recipients below and nominations for each provider. Congratulations to all of our recipients and thank you to all of our outstanding medical staff! 

Most Valuable First Year

Emily Hill, PA-C, General Surgery

“Emily is kind, compassionate, willing to assist colleagues, staff, and most importantly patients.  She looks for solutions when challenges arise, not just for herself but for others as well.  Emily is eager to educate patients and clinical staff, and she is truly an asset to our surgical services.”

Eric Cirino, MD, Emergency Medicine

“Dr. Cirino goes above and beyond every day for his patients and staff.  He puts patients at ease, while providing amazing care. He’s a team player and involves himself with tasks beyond providing medical care such as providing blankets and drinks or even discharging patients, right down to helping housekeeping tasks on the unit.”

Best Exemplifies the Hospital Mission

Devin Keefe, MD, Medical Director, Emergency Medicine

“Dr. Keefe models the behavior as a physician, is an active leader, and a valued partner to the nursing leadership team.  He is a compassionate doctor and a great communicator.  Dr. Keefe is passionate about providing the best patient experience for all of our patients. He is also kind and respectful to his colleagues, and leads his team with integrity.”

Excellence in Quality & Safety

Rasmi Hajjar, MD, Hospitalist

“Dr. Hajjar is committed to providing the highest quality of care for all of our patients.  He works with others to understand where our opportunities are and how to overcome those challenges.  He has a kind and gentle presence which is appreciated by his patients, their families and our staff. Dr. Hajjar participates in several hospital committees and he is always engaged and quick to take action that will contribute to better patient care through his leadership.”       

Best Consulting Physician

Joshua Philbrick, MD, Orthopedics

“Dr. Philbrick has been a champion for getting our hip fracture patients to the operating room as quickly and as safely possible.  He is always available to answer questions and willing to give his opinion on difficult questions. Thank you Dr. Philbrick for your support of the trauma program and partnership with the hip fracture management program.

Neeraj Vasistha, MD, Pulmonology

“Dr. Vasistha is outstanding in helping manage patients with difficult and complex pulmonary issues.  He consistently provides high-quality care and is always pleasant.”

Top Outpatient Provider

Zachary Spigelman, MD, Oncology & Hematology

“Dr. Spigelman is always there for our staff and goes above and beyond for his patients.  He is always smiling and making sure he is making every milestone and celebrating all of his care.

Dr. Spigelman is one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have ever met.  Speaking from personal experience, he saved my husband’s life.  He always goes above and beyond for every single patient and treats everyone with respect and dignity.”