Parkland Medical Center October 05, 2012

Parkland Medical Center & Parkland Interventional Spine & Pain Center not impacted by recent steroid injection contamination

In reference to the recent outbreak of meningitis and fungal spinal and epidural infections contracted by contaminated steroid injections, the contaminant in question was one particular brand of steroid (Methyl Prednisone Acetate) manufactured by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Steroids used at Parkland Medical Center are sourced from Amerisource-Bergen and are manufactured by Pfizer and American Regent. We do not utilize any steroids from New England Compounding.

Additional Clarification and Background:

New England Compunding Center is a specialty pharmacy that compounds/mixes its own medication. It is neither a manufacturer nor distributor. Any products made by NECC go directly to their customers. NECC does not sell their product to other distributors who then resell it to their customers.

Any methylprednisolone products we carry are from FDA-regulated manufacturers and in no way are connected NECC. We are 100 percent confident that we do not have methylprednisolone compounded by NECC.