Parkland Medical Center
November 21, 2016

Parkland patient Nicole Feinauer (center), returns to thank ER staff for their care. From L to R: Joseph Loss, RN, Emergency Department; Nicole Feinauer; Kathleen Hall, Emergency Services Coordinator.

In September of 2015, Nicole Feinauer, 45, of Derry, NH, was using a log splitter at her home with her husband when she suffered a traumatic accident. Three fingers on her right hand were amputated and Nicole was rushed to Parkland’s Emergency Department by her husband where a team of staff were prepared for her arrival. Once she arrived, emergency staff immediately wrapped, bandaged and prepped her hand, doing all they could to preserve her fingers for a triple digit replant.

“After the accident happened I was in complete shock, but once I arrived at Parkland I knew everything would be fine,” said Nicole. “As difficult as it was, I tried to remain calm and show my husband that I would be okay. The nurses and providers not only cared for me, but they provided support to my husband, which meant a lot.”

As a physical therapist assistant, cyclist and avid golfer, Nicole recalls telling the nurses that she enjoyed playing golf and had a tee time that day. “I kept telling the nurses I couldn’t be late for my tee time, but they told me it would be a while before I could play again.” After being transferred to Boston for surgery, Nicole had a subsequent surgeries and less than a year later was back to playing golf and riding her bike. Since then Nicole has also found happiness being a gymnastics coach.

“I am blessed with the high level of care and the emotional support I received at Parkland. I sincerely thank the local emergency services personnel and Parkland ER staff for all that they did to help ensure I was appropriately treated and prepped for surgery. Their high level of care and compassion helped prepare me and the specialists for the positive outcome I have today.”