Postpartum care in Derry, New Hampshire

At Parkland Medical Center, we guide and assist mothers throughout the childbirth process and beyond. That means our team focuses on your and your baby's well-being after delivery and on into the initial weeks of your life as a new mom.

For more information about our postpartum care, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (877) 642-2362.

Getting to know your baby: Our postpartum services

After labor and delivery, you and your family can bond in the same private, home-like room where you gave birth. We follow the evidence-based practices of “rooming in” and “couplet care” (one nurse caring for both mother and baby). This means you won’t change rooms after your baby is born.

All newborn care—including bathing and checking vital signs—takes place in the same space where you gave birth. Family members are encouraged to participate, and your significant other is welcome to stay overnight.

Our newborn nursery is equipped with technology and specially trained nurses to monitor your baby and provide skilled care. Should your baby require a higher level of care, we can arrange for transport to one of several nearby neonatal intensive care units.

24/7 breastfeeding support

If you plan to breastfeed, our on-site, international board-certified lactation consultants will help you do so immediately after birth and throughout your hospital stay. After leaving the hospital, you can call (603) 421-2064 anytime to ask questions, schedule a follow-up visit or find local breastfeeding support groups.

Additional care and screening services

We screen all new moms for postpartum depression before leaving the hospital and coordinate any necessary medical care or counseling. We’ll send you home with educational materials, a special tote bag and a reusable drinking bottle for your baby.