Living with urinary and pelvic floor disorders can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and disruptive to daily living. But it doesn’t have to be.

Your Best Choice for Pelvic Health

The specialists at Parkland Medical Center are caring and expert professionals dedicated to helping restore pelvic function and improve your quality of life with innovative treatments for urinary tract and pelvic floor disorders. We offer the latest surgical and nonsurgical treatment options ranging from medication and therapy to minimally invasive surgery or complex reconstructive procedures or revisions. We’ll work with you to find the best treatment options for your needs.

Urogynecologic Conditions We Treat

In a private, confidential setting, we diagnose and treat most urinary tract conditions and pelvic floor disorders in women, including:

Learn more about these and other urogynecologic conditions at our online Health Library .

Minimally Invasive Solutions for Urogynecologic Conditions

We’re committed to using the most effective and least invasive methods possible for treating urogynecologic conditions. You have access to expert urology services, including treatment options for incontinence, through the Pelvic Medicine and Continence Program of the Lahey Institute of Urology at Parkland Medical Center.

When urogynecologic surgery is required, we offer minimally invasive techniques with faster recovery times and less pain and scarring.

Discover all the ways we help women lead healthy lives through the Women’s Health Network at Parkland Medical Center.

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