The ConforMIS Personalized Knee Resurfacing Implant

The knee is the largest and one of the most complex joints in the body. A healthy knee is able to bend, flex, rotate, and glide allowing for normal pain-free motion. If you or someone you know is considering a total knee replacement, take the time to explore ConforMIS personalized knee resurfacing implants. Parkland is the first hospital in New Hampshire to offer knee replacements using ConforMIS technology.

A Personalized Approach

People vary in more ways than gender, race, and size. The ConforMIS implant is optimizes fit and performance through a personalized approach. They have developed the only personalized knee resurfacing implants available today, designed to conform precisely to your own unique anatomy. Using a proprietary technology called iFit (the "i" stands for individualized), ConforMIS creates implants that are made specifically for you.

Preparation for the Hospital:

  • Superior fit matched to individual size and shape
  • Natural, anatomic feel and alignment
  • Significant bone preservation
  • Less traumatic procedure, potentially faster recovery

For many patients, especially those who suffer from earlier stages of osteoarthritis, ConforMIS offers a range of implants that may provide a less invasive, less traumatic option than traditional knee replacement.

Advanced Image-to-Implant Technology

ConforMIS transforms imaging data into patient-specific implants and instrumentation using two related "image-to-implant" technology platforms.

iFit Technology
iFit technology converts CT data into implants that are precisely sized and shaped to conform to the unique 3D structure of your joint.

iJig Instrumentation
Jig instrumentation uses the same data to create cutting and placement guides that help your surgeon determine the exact placement of your implant. This reduces surgical time and minimizes the amount of bone cutting required.

The ConforMIS Approach

ConforMIS takes into account the differences between patients, and believes that is critical to a good result. While a gender based approach may address some of the average differences between a man and a woman, the reality is that an individual patient can differ from the "average" of either gender in ways big and small. Size, shape, and proportion are affected not just by gender but by ethnicity, size, genetics and lifestyle.

ConforMIS "Image-to-Implant" technology, creates implants that are personalized to your unique size and shape using imaging data that comes directly from you. That way, every implant is unique to each individual.

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