Cardiac CT angiography (CCTA)—a nonsurgical imaging procedure—uses high-speed computed tomography (CT) scans to determine the extent of blockage in coronary arteries.

The imaging technique known as angiography uses X-rays with a special dye to look inside arteries, veins or other organs.

How You Benefit

Angiography and CCTA are two of several advanced procedures used by physicians at Parkland Medical Center to diagnose heart or vascular disease precisely.

In addition, our specialists assess blood flow to the heart muscle with CCTA to diagnose suspected coronary heart disease, to assess heart valve disease or examine a cardiac mass. The procedure may also be part of the care plan following coronary artery bypass.

What to Expect

In our advanced Cardiac Catheterization Lab and CT scan department, we perform angiography and CCTA under the supervision of a cardiologist assisted by qualified nurses and technicians. The nurses make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable throughout. The procedure takes 45 to 90 minutes.

The Radiation Right safety program at Parkland Medical Center, where we adhere to nationally approved safety protocols that prevent accidental or excessive exposure, ensures you receive the lowest effective dose of radiation.

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