Parkland Medical Center - February 10, 2016

Our annual Awards of Distinction allow us to celebrate those who truly go above and beyond in their daily work at Parkland Medical Center, as well as in the community. We do so by recognizing the unique contributions of individuals through HCA’s Frist Humanitarian and Excellence in Nursing Awards.

The Frist Humanitarian Award was created in 1971 to honor outstanding individuals for their humanitarian and volunteer activities. Named in honor of Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr. (1910 – 1998), a founder of HCA, this award recognizes individuals who serve their community and whose daily dedication and caregiving epitomize the highest standards of quality and personal commitment. Each year, Parkland Medical Center recognizes one employee, one volunteer, and one physician as Frist Award recipients. Qualities of Frist Humanitarian Award nominees include those who:

  • Demonstrate remarkable concern for the welfare and happiness of patients and has performed extraordinary acts of kindness.
  • Demonstrate a level of commitment to community service beyond the daily operation of the facility that parallels their involvement in quality patient care.
  • Demonstrate personal modesty and genuine humility that may overshadow their contributions.

Through Parkland’s Excellence in Nursing Awards we recognize the value of nursing practice in accomplishing our mission to provide the highest quality care in the communities we serve. The Excellence in Nursing Awards are designed to celebrate the extraordinary care delivered by our nurses every day. Each year we recognize a nurse in two categories:

  • Professional Mentoring – recognizes a nurse who advances nursing practice in a clinical setting or nursing specialty by guiding or supporting career development for individuals or groups of nurses through advancing evidence-based nursing knowledge.
  • Compassionate Care – recognizes a nurse who demonstrates exceptional nursing knowledge and expert skills, and consistently applies both with compassion and integrity so that the quality of the care experience and the care outcomes are improved for patients in a clinical setting or nursing specialty.

We thank all who attended another standing-room-only ceremony this year. Please join me in celebrating our winners:

Frist Humanitarian Award (Employee): Winner – Patricia Larrow, EVS

2015 Frist Humanitarian Award (Employee) Winner Patricia Larrow (left) with Chris Accashian, CEO

From Pat’s Director, Diane McNealy:

“Pat’s commitment to Parkland Medical Center is obvious by her commitment to excellence, always striving to get others involved. From something as simple as buying a heart or butterfly to raise money for Relay for Life to bringing in cans for the food drive…this year Pat was determined to ensure that the children of Derry would be warm, so again she took on the challenge not only of getting others to give but also by giving so much herself. Her passion to get involved is infectious. Pat is so passionate I often find her at my door with new ideas on how we can better educate staff or improve the patient experience. In the 13 years that Pat has been the housekeeper in the Emergency Room I can’t tell you how many patients, visitors and staff she has made a difference to.”

Frist Humanitarian Award (Volunteer): Winner – Jennifer Dabrowski

2015 Frist Humanitarian Award (Volunteer) Winner Jennifer Dabrowski (left) with Chris Accashian, CEO

From staff in the department where Jen volunteers:

“Jen is a wonderful person who always brings her smile and joyous energy to the department. She never has anything negative to say and is always willing to help to the best of her abilities. She is a true asset to the team.”

“Jen has been a volunteer for Parkland Medical Center for five years and demonstrates as much enthusiasm now as she did the day I met her. She is always eager to do any task given to her. We love having her in Cardiology!”

“Jen is someone who unselfishly gives to others with everything she does and is truly deserving of this award.”

Frist Humanitarian Award (Provider): Winner – Dr. William Graff, Cardiology

2015 Frist Humanitarian Award (Physician) Winner William Graff, MD (right) with Chris Accashian, CEO

From staff who work with Dr. Graff:

“Dr. Graff is a compassionate, hardworking and dedicated physician…he provides outstanding patient care and his loyal patients will attest to that.”

“Dr. Graff is an incredible person. He has been to South America to give aid to people who would never have been able to get the care they needed.”

“Dr. Graff is a true humanitarian. He has traveled to Ecuador five times with a group of physicians providing free primary care to many. He has a big heart that is felt by many. He often stays very late to ensure all patients are seen and given thorough, quality care. I can’t think of a more deserving physician.”

HCA Excellence in Nursing Award (Professional Mentoring): Winner – Angela Donahue, RN – Med Surg

2015 HCA Excellence in Nursing Award (Professional Mentoring) Winner Angela Donahue, RN (center) with Eileen Keefe, CNO (left) and Chris Accashian, CEO (right)

From those who work with Angela:

“Angela is a critical thinker and problem solver. There is no situation she can’t figure out. Angela is patient and calm and I am so lucky to have her as my peer.”

“As a mentor and preceptor Angela is warm, caring, patient and a wonderful role model to new nurses. She takes the time to teach proper techniques and include new nurses to feel part of the team.”

“She models the mission, vision and values of Parkland in every interaction with colleagues, patients and their families.”

“Angela was a fabulous mentor to me throughout my orientation. She has provided me a solid foundation as I begin my career here at Parkland. I idolize her genuine compassion for the patients and soothing personality. Her patience and kind personality has made my orientation and working with her the best experience.”

HCA Excellence in Nursing Award (Compassionate Care): Winner – Jennifer Johnson, RN – O.R.

2015 HCA Excellence in Nursing Award (Compassionate Care) Winner Jennifer Johnson, RN-O.R. (left) with Chris Accashian, CEO

From those who work with Jenn:

“Jenn is the most dedicated, compassionate person professionally and personally. Her goal is always to provide the best patient care and always considers other’ concerns for work/life balance (ahead of her own, sometimes!)”

“She is an exceptional nurse that goes above and beyond consistently. Her positive attitude, coupled with her extensive knowledge inspires the other members of our department to do better and be better.”

“She has elevated her knowledge base to head the O.R. team with grace, dignity, fairness, knowledge, dedication and with the utmost concern for her colleagues and with great humility. I am in awe of her!”

Congratulations again to all the winners and nominees. Thank you to all who took the time to acknowledge the excellence around you every day.