Avg. ER Wait Time

Wait times are an average and provided for informational purposes only. What does this mean?

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Things You've Never Thought to Think!

Moving your bowels means to poop. If you said "yuck," you're not alone. Most people don't want to discuss going poop... READ FULL STORY

As body parts go, your ears don't ask for much. They don't need to be brushed like your teeth or trimmed like your toenails...READ FULL STORY

Eleven-year-old Cait was trying to fall asleep when her 8-year-old brother, Doug, came into her room. He looked around a bit, but seemed really out of it...READ FULL STORY

Most nosebleeds look worse than they are. In other words, nosebleeds are messy, a little uncomfortable, and sometimes even scary, but they are usually no big deal...READ FULL STORY

Stop Kicking Me

Have you ever wondered why your leg kicks when the doctor taps your knee with that little rubber hammer? It's because of your reflex. READ FULL STORY

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals aren't just for kids. Even sports superstars need to go to the doctor to make sure they are healthy and strong before they hit the field. READ FULL STORY

How to Use 911

Emergencies don't happen very often. But when they do, you want to get help fast. No one wants to spend time looking up an emergency phone number. That's why 911 was created — to make it fast and easy to get help. READ FULL STORY